NFTGA Conferences

Remember the Alamo

San Antonio in 2002 - The First NFTGA-USA Conference

Approximately 165 representatives from Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Gettysburg, Arizona, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, San Antonio, Silicon Valley, Salt Lake, Orlando, New Orleans, Boston, Denver, Orlando and San Diego gathered in national unison towards the continued development of the tourist guide industry in the United States of America.
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Boston in 2004 - The Second NFTGA-USA Conference

In February 2004, tourist guides from across the USA returned from Boston enriched, energized, educated, enthusiastic, and delighted that the second NFTGA Conference was a positive experience for everyone. Our hosts, the Greater Boston Tour Guide Association, rolled out red carpets everywhere and planned not only a fine conference, but excellent tours during the five days.
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St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square

New Orleans in 2007 - The Third NFTGA-USA Conference

The number of full-program registrants from across the U.S. numbered 31 and a large number of local New Orleans guides (about 50) signed up to attend just the lectures, workshops, and a few other activities and receptions. This geographic mix meant that the out-of-towners often had local experts around to provide history, personal anecdotes and recommendations about eating and exploring the city.
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Miami Skyline and the Majesty of the Seas

Miami 2010 - The Fourth NFTGA-USA Conference

The conference started with an orientation meeting and all attendees were pre-registered and given a program and a name badge. Forty-nine attendees representing nine associations were there. Attending associations included Boston, Chicago, Denver, Florida, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Washington and the International Association of Tour Managers.
Esther Banike, the president, welcomed everyone and introduced the members of the board.
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Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco 2012 - The Fifth NFTGA-USA Conference

The NFTGA president, Jean Feilmoser, who is also the SFTGG president, opened the conference with the theme "Guiding: The Bridge Between People and Places," and welcomed the attendees who represented the following associations: Boston, Chicago, New York City, New Orleans, Denver, San Antonio, San Francisco, Washington, DC and others; for a total of 83 attendees.
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Denver Skyline

Denver 2014- The Sixth NFTGA-USA Conference

Barbara Foos, NFTGA-USA President, and the Rocky Mountain Guides Association hosted the conference that featured both useful technical sessions and FAM experiences in the Denver area including National Western Stock Show. Topics discussed included an update on the US Travel and Tourism Advisory Board, a tour operators’ panel, motor coach safety, speaking voice and voice health, and panels sharing best practices, professional development opportunities and presentation skills.
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National Mall

Washington DC 2016 - The Seventh NFTGA-USA Conference

Ellen Malasky, NFTGA-USA Vice President, and the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington DC, welcomed over 80 guides from 11 associations to Washington, DC to discuss issues facing the guiding profession. In addition to presentations from USTravel Association and Destination DC, the conference included discussions on using technology, licensing and professional development, working together, safety and the challenges of the international tourist. A highlight of the conference was an after-hour’s trip to the US Capitol, including visiting the floor of the House of Representatives. See volume #1 of the newsletter for a complete description of the conference.
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